The Rollei 35S, the Panasonic LX3 and the Holy Grail

If you look around this site you will see photos made using a variety of film and digital equipment. From 1976 onwards I used successive generations of Canon SLR, but I also shot some of my favourite photos on a Rollei 35S that was always tucked into a pocket 'just in case'. From 2003 I moved almost entirely to digital, and in common with many photographers that has presented a problem : where was the digital compact to do the same job?

The Photoshop sRGB mystery

I nearly wrote this piece over a year ago when I noticed that a particular image I had uploaded to my site had very wrong skintones. I kept quiet in the end because I am well aware that 99.9% of colour management issues are user error or bad profiles, but since bad profiles are not the problem here because sRGB is a standard, that left only me.

Photoshop CS2 on eBay

There are now few things in life more certain than upgrades, death and taxes. A few months ago I decided I really had to upgrade my copy of Photoshop 6, which is now ancient.

CGI photography

Imagine being able to take a CAD model, drop it into a photo of a landscape or virtual studio, and have it rendered to look exactly real. We see this sort of thing often enough, in movies and computer games, so this isn't surprising, but in those contexts we expect such trickery.

Lessig gets sane on Orphan Rights

Lawrence Lessig, the influential advocate for Free Culture and Creative Commons licensing,

What Gowers should have done

I have been asked several times recently what is deficient with the Gowers report proposals and how they could have been better from the point of view of photographers. So here is a summary of his main recommendations, how they may affect us, and how I think he could and should have done it better.



A few people seem perplexed by the somewhat abstract 'Reflection' series, whilst others really like them. I find them extraordinarily absorbing and educational to make. It is play, I guess.

reviewing Gowers part 3

Reviewing Gowers : Part 3

Anyone who has thought about the web in any depth will probably have come across 'the long tail' as a statistical description of how the internet presents much expanded possibilities in terms of consumer choice because of lower marginal costs of storage and distri

reviewing Gowers part 2

Reviewing Gowers : Part 2

It might seem odd to continue an appraisal of Gowers' plans for 21st century copyright with an extract from a speech made in 1841 by Thomas Macauley but he did a far more brilliant job of setting out before parliament all the major is

reviewing Gowers part 1

Reviewing Gowers : Part 1

The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property is finally out, and an exceptionally unrewarding read it is too for photographers.

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