Lessig gets sane on Orphan Rights

Lawrence Lessig, the influential advocate for Free Culture and Creative Commons licensing,

What Gowers should have done

I have been asked several times recently what is deficient with the Gowers report proposals and how they could have been better from the point of view of photographers. So here is a summary of his main recommendations, how they may affect us, and how I think he could and should have done it better.


reviewing Gowers part 3

Reviewing Gowers : Part 3

Anyone who has thought about the web in any depth will probably have come across 'the long tail' as a statistical description of how the internet presents much expanded possibilities in terms of consumer choice because of lower marginal costs of storage and distri

reviewing Gowers part 2

Reviewing Gowers : Part 2

It might seem odd to continue an appraisal of Gowers' plans for 21st century copyright with an extract from a speech made in 1841 by Thomas Macauley but he did a far more brilliant job of setting out before parliament all the major is

reviewing Gowers part 1

Reviewing Gowers : Part 1

The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property is finally out, and an exceptionally unrewarding read it is too for photographers.

Reportage 2006 style

Hanging around YouTube or Flickr is teeth-grinding agony for professional guardians of quality, because it's all daft t

So you want to be a photographer?

It's that time of year again when professionals are beset by newly graduated students hoping for work. Every summer UK colleges spit out 3,000 or so of the hopefuls. It's like watching baby turtles running for the sea, you know most can't possibly survive, but you feel sorry there is nothing you can do.

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